IOU Delivery/ Quality Assurance Manager requirement with leading Tier-1 – Bangalore / Mumbai / Kolkata / New Delhi / Chennai

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Job Description :

Facilitating deployment of the iQMS procedures and managing IOU level QA activities
Identifying and analysing the iQMS related problems and suggesting preventive/ corrective actions based on the causal analysis of NCRs, work-aheads and concessions
Facilitating learning and coordinating activities for the various professional qualifications in the area of process excellence management at the IOU level
Consolidating the results of Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) and customer complaints at the IOU level and determining the IOU-level Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
Analysing the data collected through IPMS to pro-actively highlight the health of the projects to the IOU / P&L head
Monitoring the implementation of corrective/preventive actions related to the deployment of the iQMS.
Installation and support of tools for the iQMS implementation.
Coordinating the use of the process data repository
Consolidating and analysing the IOU level data in the process data repository
Participating in SPI related activities in collaboration with the projects and other related entities (including defect prevention, incremental/ breakthrough improvements)
Seeking ISM’s opinion and advise, as appropriate, for facilitating implementation of security related processes
Ensuring that the software processes used by the projects are appropriately tailored from the iQMS
Organising information collected from projects for use to improve the effectiveness of the iQMS
Enabling information sharing on software process, tools and methods
Defining goals and measurement plans for s/w process performance in accordance with the business objectives
Participating assessment/ audit activities carried out at the IOU in conjunction with PEG-Audit and compliance group
Consolidating and analysing the IOU-level data in the software process database
Participating in the effort to define the training needs for process improvement
Reviewing PIPs from other groups and coordinating necessary action
Planning the implementation of IOU-wide SPI activities based on the inputs and the assessment results, as applicable
Tracking the status, and analysing the process performance parameters of projects to establish and maintain Process Capability Baselines (PCBs) for selected processes and periodically reporting the results to the IOU / P&L Head, PEG Lead and PEG Core- Deployment Support.
Developing and maintaining tools for carrying out SPI related activities
Maintaining process assets at the IOU (Tailoring Guidelines, best practices, lessons learnt, and checklists for processes and products).

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