IOU ISM requirement with leading Tier-1 Orgn

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ob Locations :Bangalore / Mumbai / Kolkata / New Delhi / Chennai


Reports to IOU Head and functional reporting to CSO

Overseeing the investigation of security breaches and assisting with disciplinary and legal matters associated with such breaches as necessary
Ensure communication and facilitate implementation of all security management related policies and practices in the IOU, as documented in iQMS. Works along with the Security Committee at the IOU level
Assist in evaluation and improvement of security management processes at the IOU level
Facilitate deployment of security policies and processes, for consistency, coherence and comprehensiveness in compliance with the policies and the attached standards, and advise appropriate groups, the measures to improve these processes
Consult with IOU Heads and SSG regarding compliance with relevant policies and standards
Review and maintain IOU specific security-related training material and assist the L&D group to implement security awareness programs
Report non compliance and deviations to security committee and keep CSO informed
Approve the risks at the IOU level for correctness
Review and evaluate all the security incidents as per security management procedures
Coordinate with and provide support to Project Managers in understanding the security requirements mentioned in MSA
Understand new security technologies for potential utilisation in organisation development efforts
Respond to client due diligence queries
Enforcement of Information Security as per Information Security Tailoring Document for the IOU(in case, required)
Facilitate external party audits if requested by the client

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