SAP CRM Specialist requirement with leading IT Orgn @ Bangalore

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Position : Senior CRM Specialist

Job Summary :

Skills/Knowledge: (essential/critical refer to an absolute requirement for those skills, with critical being the most important))
• Class leading technical experience, coupled with effective interpersonal skills.
• Deep project experience of chosen environment (SAP). Good interpersonal and communication skills, works very effectively with remote colleagues & customers. Consistently rated ‘the best’ on project assignments.
• needs to be a senior, good ABAP + Smartforms + Sapscript, excellent communication skills (working with functional and business in EMEA/US), able to handle a very complex area (30+ countries)). Must be able to handle/organise multiple projects demands on the same outputs and lead what can be a fairly large team (perhaps 6 or more) of external output developers.
• SAP CRM specialist (either someone with very strong CRM technical skills, or someone with some exposure who can develop rapidly).
• Expert in ‘future oriented’ technologies such as Services Oriented Architecture. Good knowledge of fast moving Global Chemical/Retail B2B & B2C model, with an excellent under of the specialist area in question.

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