Vice President-Corporate Affairs requirement with leading MFI @ India

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Tasks and Responsibilities:
Ensure adherence to department budget so as to avoid overspill of budgeted costs;
Participate in pre and post capital raising activities and ensures adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements;
Ensure effective implementation of corporate governance practices to achieve corporate excellence;
Ensure timely and accurate adherence to regulatory compliance requirements and also represents the company in corporate level litigations so as to protect the legal interests of the organization;
Convene & conduct board, committee and shareholder meetings as per statutory and need based requirements;
Ensure timely fulfillment of investor and RTA related compliance and need based requirements;
Ensure fulfillment of inter departmental information requirements;
Manage the IPR process to ensure maintenance and safeguarding of the organization IPR;
Recruitment, retention, skill development, growth and satisfaction of team.
Company Secretary degree is compulsory; MBA and Law would be desirable;
About 6-10 years experience of being a direct reportee to either Managing Director or CFO of a company;
Experience of leading this kind of a department;
Minimum 5 years of listed company experience;
Familiar with relevant IT/Database/MIS required for this function.

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