Middle East requirement for Certification Lead – Schemes

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Minimum Experience:
• At least 4-5 years in the payment industry.
• Middle East experience highly desirable.

Job-Specific Skills:
• General
o Minimum “Card Certifications” experience should be above 4+ years.
o Must have excellent trouble-shooting skills
o Creating Test scripts, participate with member banks in SIT,UAT certification cycles
o Creating Test Reports, Dash Boards and management Updates
o In depth knowledge on EMV processing
o Knowledge on valorous EFT channels and transaction sets, functionalities
o Must be able to configure & operate industry standard Card schemes simulator
o HSM messages decoding
o Familiarity with industry standard transaction simulator – FIN Sim, Paragon etc

• ATM. POS & Interchanges interfaces
o ISO Host 8583 Certification – Version 87 & 93
o Should have sound understanding of ATM & POS Transaction fundamental working
o Should be able to decode at least one of these POS Device handlers , APACS, Hyper Com or SPDH
o Experience on card scheme certifications (Visa, MC, AMEX, Diners, JCB, CUP etc)
o POS EMV working knowledge
o Sound knowledge of
o POS HISO Messages
o BICI ISO Messages
o VISA Base-I messages
o Master Card bank Net and MDS network interface
o Experience on card scheme certifications (Visa, MC, AMEX, Diners, JCB, CUP etc)


For more details, please contact at ganesh@atribs.com / ramesh.ravi@atribs.com

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