Now Hiring : Siebel Configurator / Integration / BI Publisher / Data Migration EIM

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a. Must have knowledge in following areas:

i. Good Siebel configuration / Integration / BIP / Data Migration skills

ii. Good knowledge of Siebel 8.0+ advance features

iii. In-depth Workflow knowledge

iv. Good EAI / EIM knowledge

v. Good knowledge of OOB Business Services

vi. Familiarity with Siebel Business layer and ability to take best out of it with minimum scripting

vii. Good understanding of Siebel Party model

viii. Knowledge of Siebel Database

ix. SQL query writing

x. Basic level EIM process knowledge

xi. Siebel Assignment Manager knowledge

xii. Basic level Siebel Admin components knowledge

xiii. Banking experience

b. Good to have knowledge of following areas:

i. Database tuning knowledge

ii. Experience of Siebel Financial, call center modules

iii. Knowledge of PLSQL, DB Procedures & Functions

iv. ETL and EIM process in-depth knowledge

v. Tweaking of Admin Components

Please Contact us for complete JD & further details

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